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Welcome to Almise

Almise is a very special place and more than just a place to live. Applicants that are on our list become Members of our organization, not tenants. The Co-op is in fact like a mini municipality where the rules & regulations are determined by the Members and everyone agree to abide by them.
Like a small town, you will get to know your neighbours through involvement in the committees and activities.

At Almise, one of the things that strikes most visitors is that the Members and Staff truly care in a real sense about each other. It is even obvious to the outside observer. We care enough to work at developing and maintaining our community with high standards of operation. We care enough to work at being tolerant of each other's point of view. We care enough to accept that it isn't perfect. We care enough to keep working at it and help each other. We care enough and we are happy.

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